Why is PAT Testing Necessary for Employers?

PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) should be an important part of any business’s Health and Safety policy. All electrical appliances within any residential properties or commercial premises should undergo annual PAT testing . This should be carried out to ensure the safety of any residents, members of the public and employees – it is the employers responsibility to ensure this happens each year. The highly qualified team at Electrix Celutions can carry out any necessary PAT testing in Boston .

Why Carry Out PAT Testing?
You should carry out PAT testing on all necessary appliances so you can be sure all precautionary measures have been taken to reduce the risk of accidents in the work place or residential property. Having all electrical appliances PAT tested will ensure you comply with the following:
– The Electricity at Work Regulations
– The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
– All Health and Safety requirements and ISO Standards

Why is PAT testing important?
Most electrical appliances in the work place will go through constant strenuous use by many different employers. Even a small fault can lead to a big problem in the long run and could cause serious injury to a member of staff or the public. Any accident in the work place is never good, it can your business a bad reputation and in severe cases lead to injury claims. Therefore annual PAT testing is very important to keep on top of.

Here at Electrix Celutions we highly experienced in carrying out PAT testing for any business that requires it. All out PAT testing is carried out in accordance with IEE’s (Institution of Electrical Engineers) Code of Practice for in service inspection and testing of electrical equipment and conforms to HSE Guidelines. We can make sure you remain within the laws and regulations regarding electricity at work, and most importantly, ensure a safer working environment for your employees.

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