3 Environmental Benefits of Renewable Energy

Whether you’re referring to the political, scientific or cultural sphere, climate change and renewable energy development are two issues that simply aren’t going away. As world leaders and major corporations drag their feet over instigating effective measures to limit our impact on the planet, the clock continues to tick towards catastrophic climate change. However, there are things every one of us can do to contribute towards reducing our collective carbon footprint, and at Electrix Celutions we specialise in delivering renewable energy to Peterborough .

You will already have heard plenty about renewable technology but if you’re still a little unsure as to what the benefits are exactly, read on as we detail three of the most important.

Doesn’t Contribute to Climate Change
The primary impact of the burning of fossil fuels in the generation of electricity is that it is responsible for the emissions of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is this additional CO2 that is causing the increase in average global temperatures, but renewable energy such as solar, wind and tidal doesn’t have any impact on this.

Doesn’t Damage Local Ecosystems
Climate change affects every eco system on the planet, but certain methods of extracting fossil fuels can also damage the local environment directly. You only have to look at the devastation caused by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year to see the potential effects of quenching our thirst for oil, while the mining of Alberta’s vast tar sands has threatened to create a trade war between Canada and the EU over the potential for pollution.

The Safest Alternative
As well as renewable energy, nuclear energy has also been trumpeted as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. However, the Fukushima nuclear disaster that followed the 2011 Japan tsunami has reiterated concerns about the safety of nuclear, and it is not a solution that is popular with green groups, or local residents concerned about the aesthetic impacts these reactors can have.

So if you’d like to do your bit for the globe by investing in renewable technology, you can get in touch with our friendly team here.